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It was in Varigotti, a small, authentic seaside resort in the north of Italy, that Milanese photographer Giovanni Allievi captured the beauty in the eye of the storm. From the shore, he immortalised the dance of the water to the rhythm of violent winds. For each wave, he multiplied the shots in high-speed mode so as not to miss a moment of the spectacle. He then selected in post-production what he considered to be the most beautiful waves.

The artist

Photographer Giovanni Allievi familiarised himself with the eighth art from the 1980s onwards, using his father's equipment. Although he grew up in the thriving Milanese metropolis, he maintains a passion for nature and particularly the sea, with its colours and changeable beauty. He moved to the Mediterranean coast in the early 2000s and adopted a life in connection with nature. Each day, he ventures off the beaten track to discover the region's hidden marvels. He started immortalising the storms that shake the shores in the wintertime and soon got noticed for his work. Exhibited in the four corners of Italy, he was soon rewarded with numerous prizes from prestigious international institutions (such as PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, the Siena International Photo Awards, and the Hamdan International Photography Award).  ... See more See less

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