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What is your proudest artistic moment?
That’s a tough question. Proving oneself through one’s work is complex, because often things emerge from our own desires and personality, in our personal life. So perhaps ...

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About the artwork

"Abandoned sites fascinate me and have become essential points of interest on my travels. But beyond my fascination for them, the sites that I photograph must satisfy criteria that serve my artistic approach. This criteria is aesthetic and technical, such as natural lighting, textures, worn materials and perspectives. Some architectural elements are particularly interesting to me, like staircases, which testify to the evolution of a society and a culture. Besides aesthetics, geopolitical criteria comes into play. I seek to demonstrate that the abandoned nature of these sites is intimately connected to human activities and to historical context. I strive to understand the evolution of the world, of politics, people and their destinies." Aurélien Villette

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