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Klaus Tiedge criss-crosses Sub-Saharan Africa in search of answers. He sometimes travels long distances across plains, without seeing a single bird in the sky. His photographic practice has always been guided by his questions about other civilisations, the diversity of the animal kingdom, and the natural environment around him. Since the 19th century, Africa has fuelled the imaginations of Western artists. Beyond paying tribute to its beauty, these artists have sought to uncover the mysteries of a land and culture that will always be inaccessible to them. After over a decade spent travelling throughout the continent, Klaus Tiedge affirms that his curiosity today is just as strong as ever and that Africa is ?good for his soul?. The high-quality key lighting, brilliant composition, and technical perfection are emblematic of this artist?s work, who has clearly done his time in commercial photography and who now seeks to draw our attention to the beauty and diversity of the African continent. Pride and Joy comes from the Pride of Africa series created in the 2010s. The image represents the Malaika cheetah (?good spirit? in Swahili). The mother of six little ones, she is worried as they haven?t eaten in two days and failing today?s hunt is out of the question for her. Her head seems to be turning in all directions in search of prey. Through the use of saturated colour that gives the shots their unique style, this series highlights the beauty of the wild animals in their natural habitat.

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