arthur hubert legrand

Parisienne à la fenetre


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Paris, France, Europe


Why photography?
It's not always the case, but it seems to me that film is more complicated. And it's long. With endless crews, hours of preparation, a shoot requires so much energy that I feel like I lose the thread of what I'm saying. I l...

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About the artwork

On the rooftops of Paris, which he tirelessly treads, Arthur Hubert Legrand allows his models to move about freely. Their lascivious behaviour contrasts with the iconic and taboo setting, creating iconic images that never leave viewers indifferent. Providing glimpses of the Eiffel Tower, every perspective alludes to the Parisian bohemian spirit.


Every photographer has dreamed of attaining the Holy Grail - that is to say access to Parisian rooftops and their chimneys, which appear to be straight out of The Aristocats. Arthur Hubert-Legrand towers over the capital to offer us a glamorous postcard view in black and white.

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