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Why photography?
I aspire to use photography as a source of hope, which restores confidence in human nature and revives our wonder at the splendours of nature. Images of violence and suffering are necessary to awaken consciences and insp...

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Buddhist monk and neurobiologist, Matthieu Ricard is also a photographer and has captured the grandiose beauty of the Himalayan region for many years, whether it be spiritual masters, landscapes, or local populations. As a French interpreter to the Dalai Lama since 1989, he moved to Tibet definitively to the Shechen Monastery after travelling the length and breadth of Nepal and Bhutan, helping the Dalai Lama to ensure the continuity of the dialogue between East and West. His photographs have been exhibited in New York, Paris, Perpignan, Winterthur, Stockholm, and Hong Kong and facilitate the funding of humanitarian projects in this remote part of the world.

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