fan li

Maisonnette de Sèvres


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France, Europe


1. Why photography ?
There are ideas that stay in my head and I need to pull them out. Photography is my way of pulling
them out.
2. Your inspiration ?
Impressionist painting, Nature, and my children.<...

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About the artwork

One day, Fan Li wanted to rediscover his childlike soul by taking his pictures: "I wanted something unique, which could not be copied." He then decided to use his camera as a paintbrush and to let what he calls "his inner world" shine through in his images. Of Paris, he thus proposes a vision where the blur combines it with the mystery.


"I love Cézanne's Panoramic View of Auvers-sur-Oise. I've been to Auvers. But you don't get the same perspective as you did then. One day, when I was walking on the Saint-Cloud hill, I saw the Sèvres cottages in the distance and I took this photo."

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