pascal mouri

Jungle woman 1


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Bruxelles, Belgique, Europe

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Photography is by definition the sum of all of the techniques enabling the obtention of images through the aid of an optical device reproducing a real image on photosensitive film. French artist Pascal Mouri does not see it this way. Based in Brussels, Belgium, it is in the studio that he “gives life” to static images. He composes portraits frozen in time at the moment of capture, before shaking them up in post-production.


In his process, he demonstrates the essential elements of art history, but above all a relationship with his immediate environment. Several singular series, such as "fragment- zéro -Rituel - déliquescence poetry - Jewerly skin" manifest the onirism of an "angelesque" gravitation. A lover of classical portraits, he finds in them an exaggerated language of diabolical surrealism. As you'll have understood, we're not trying to capture Pascal Mouri, but to experience in his work a humanist and environmental reflection.

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