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When he was a teenager, Olivier Lavielle travelled along the legendary Route 66 with his parents. This cinephile came back from his road trip with a head brimming with images. In 1926, Route 66 was the first transcontinental road to be paved in the United States. While it no longer officially exists, since 1985, it remains mythical in the collective imagination. Even today, Olivier Lavielle follows the path of all those who have headed westwards. All along the route, in the service stations, or abandoned on the verges, he stops to take photographs of mythical automobiles and planes with gleaming chrome bodywork: testaments to an amazing era. As an aesthete of bygone eras, Lavielle only photographs old models that have now become collector?s items. Light is reflected in the cabins and on the wings of the plane and it is hard not to think of Baudelaire?s L?Albatros, with its wings dragging pitifully on the ground.

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