Magdalena Martin


Swedish artist Magdalena Martin was born, grew up, and launched her career in Stockholm. She opened an interior decoration boutique that was quickly met with success. From 2003 onwards, she started to travel to Paris regularly for fun. There, the Parisian lifestyle and decor attracted her to the point that she eventually decided to move there. In 2013, she left her homeland and her boutique to start a new life in Paris. Niched in the heart of Montmartre, she focused on photography and started a career in wedding photography. Inspired by the City of Light, she evolved her technique and style over the years and finally found what she was looking for in the art of portraiture. Her passion for vintage goods, classical dance, and live performance in general has inspired timeless cinematic stagings. Today, Magdalena Martin considers herself a true Parisian and distributes her images among private customers, art photography companies, magazines, and interior design stores worldwide.  ... See more See less