David Kirscher


David Kirscher started photography by chance with a camera that was not intended for him but that he learned to master, and in 2013 he made it his career. Ever since, he has worked as a freelancer, notably for jewellery, clothing, and lingerie brands. It has to be said that David Kirscher has a unique view of bodies and sensuality. If such a category existed, one would call him a photgrapher of the intimate. "I always ask myself the same question: how can I tell a story with photos?”, he explains: "I like to mix fiction and reality, to capture scenes of everyday life or recreate them with professional or amateur models." Passionate about cinema, he also remains very attached to film photography, especially for his personal projects, 90% of which are shot in this medium: "I love the creative chain that film involves, from its conception to its processing”, he explains, “and I like to play with the imperfections, the dust, or film burns that it can sometimes entail”. And even if his professional projects are almost all shot digitally, he is careful not to add too much editing: "Good touch-ups are the kind that you can't see.”  ... See more See less