Nicholas Clarke


Nicholas Clarke was 40 when he decided, in 2017, to become a professional photographer. A logical choice for him, since his passion for photography had become more important than his career as a graphic designer. Living in the neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York, his favourite subject is clear. Nichols Clarke particularly enjoys photographing the city by night: “Night has the power to transform a moment that would be banal in the daytime into an extraordinary scene,” he explains. While he treats his photos in a very filmic manner, he also affirms the influence of Chinese photographer Fan Ho (1931–2016), particularly famous for his photos of Hong Kong in the 1950s and ‘60s. Nicholas Clarke plays with the same codes in terms of atmosphere and lighting. “My goal is for viewers to intrude within the photo, as though they were one of its components,” he continues. To find the best lighting in line with the story he wants to tell, he tests several moments of the day and night at a single location and choses the one that can “enhance the beauty of New York by night”.  ... See more See less