Daniela Caneschi


It is not often you hear of photographers coming to photography through the digital world. This was however the case for the Italian photographer Daniela Caneschi. Although she took her first photographs at 18, she then neglected this passion for a long time. It was the digital revolution that sparked a revival in her interest in photography. “I love retouching my photos digitally and experimenting with the visual effects that new technologies offer me,” she explains. “I use various software programmes like Photoshop, Topaz Labs or Viveza 2Plug." Daniela Caneschi does not hesitate to use the “paint” filters for some of her photos and displays them on her website alongside "traditional" photos. Usually, she combines the two. For her photos of beaches and Venice available at YellowKorner, she has inserted a panoramic effect, by blending the foreground and background, thus applying another painterly effect. Staunchly self-taught, Daniela Caneschi has never attended a photography course or participated in contests or photo exhibitions. Her photos and herself are certainly none the worse for it!  ... See more See less