Summer and the sun are upon us! Dive into graphic settings and saturated colors, revolving around one key element: the pool. A new series of photographs captured by Elena Iv-Skaya, Thomas H.P. Jerusalem, Bart Debo and Igor Vitomirov.


Elena Iv-Skaya

In 2013, former model, Elena Iv-Skaya, entered the world of fashion photography. Her photographic style is marked by her passion for highly aesthetic, powerful, and elegant imagery; she creates colourful works in which she features modern women. She portrays femininity with a simple yet creative and powerful approach.

This new series, "New Laguna", by fashion photographer Elena Iv-Skaya offers a fresh and colorful vision of women.

"My inspiration comes from many different sources. Very often, I look at everyday objects and imagine how I can use them to construct an image."


Marina Vernicos

Pool for two

A native of Greece, Marina Vernicos is inspired by the idyllic landscapes that surround her on a daily basis. She captures the Greek islands through impressive aerial views and pays homage to her native country for which she holds a profound appreciation. She captures luxury resorts, exploring their sea landscapes: with their boats, umbrellas, and tourists.

Shot from above, these summer landscapes offer us a soft golden light and saturated colors.

"I think Greece is the most beautiful place on earth. I have travelled all over the world, I have been to 113 countries. Nothing compares to the beauty of Greece.”


Bart Debo

Bart Debo is an artist who draws inspiration from many sources and offers a diverse range of work: he is equally comfortable photographing animals in South Africa, people in a rush on the subway, or unusual moments in swimming pools.

Belgian photographer Bart Debo sets out to "present pools in a different and special way." In an atmosphere that is both real and fake, he stages swimmers frozen in unique arrangements.

His process always starts from a real photo that he enhances using digital techniques, mainly Photoshop and Lightroom, to create a new and unique piece.

Girls on Stairs
Girl in Empty Pool


Thomas H.P. Jerusalem

Thomas H.P. Jerusalem started his career in street photography and photojournalism, two very expressive mediums that forged his sensitive approach. It was during the recent pandemic that he was inspired to create an offbeat series with a minimalist style that captures how our imaginations have allowed us to escape the reality of multiple lockdowns.

Published by Vogue Italia, these trompe l'oeil setups tell the story of a confined girl pretending to be at the beach.

If you have a closer look, you will find that the details of this composition reveal themselves the more you look at it.

"Always believe in what you are doing even if you are the only one. Stay true to your style and be inspired by the work of other photographers, but never copy them, otherwise you will fail. Master the rules of photography and then break them."


Igor Vitomirov

The photographs of Serbian photographer Igor Vitomirov mix reality and imagination. He starts out with real life situations, using aesthetic and abstract forms that are filled with colours, to build his own universe.

"Digital technology allows me to explore new dimensions in the art of creating images, it gives me more freedom in my work."