Memories of Summer

Sicily, Albania, or Spain... Escape to a comforting atmosphere through the new collection of beach photographs captured by Richard Silver, Luis Mariano Gonzalez and Richard Hirst.

Legendary Settings


Richard Silver focuses particularly on representing eminently touristic sites and emblematic monuments. Here, he immortalises private Italian beaches with their legendary landscape: parasols, chaises longues, cabins… He finds inspiration on his travels, thus sustaining his art. He loves to travel and discover the world– especially eminently touristic locations, but also emblematic monuments such as the Taj Mahal or Machu Picchu. Having photographed his surroundings for thirty-five years, he now appreciates gaining altitude and photographing spaces where people appear in miniature within their environment.

“I find my inspiration in travel. I’ve been to over eight countries and I continue to travel extensively.”

A Colourful Array


Richard Hirst is mainly interested in the immaculate beaches and urban landscapes around Sydney. The artist opts for an aerial context, thus creating an original optical effect and colour combination, between sand, azure sea, holidaymakers, an assorted array of parasols, and multicoloured beach towels.

“I’ve travelled a lot, all over the world, but Sydney is still one of my favourite subjects because it is made up of a wonderful mix of nature and artificial structures.”

Delicate Compositions


A festival director, a critic making television appearances, and a photographer… Luis Mariano Gonzalez is a jack-of-all-trades in life as in photography. He likes creating portraits as much as photographing flowers or landscapes. Luis Mariano González also loves sublimating nature using computer tools. His work focuses on plays of colour that resemble musical compositions. The images render flowers poetic, set against a dark backdrop with their bright colours in the foreground. The Spanish artist thus reappropriated plant forms and colours, removing them from their initial environment to obtain a new and mysterious subjectivity.

“More so than for other photographers, I think that the greatest influence found in my photos is that of cinema,” he acknowledges.

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