From a diner to a legendary Hollywood hotel, the United States is full of inspiration for photographers. Franck Bohbot and Ludwig Favre immerse themselves in the nostalgia of these locations and take us on a trip back in time, towards a glorious America!


Urban Landscape

Franck Bohbot laid down his suitcases in New-York in 2013 and has not left the city since, whose urban scenes he captures. Fascinated by cinematic iconography, he focuses his creation around the relationship between individuals and architecture.

A true institution of Laguna Beach, Ruby’s Diner transports its customers (as well as photographer Franck Bohbot to another era. Don’t be fooled by its b> architecture or the cars parked in front; this photo is truly contemporary, just like the restaurant it showcases. Inaugurated in 1982, Ruby’s Diner pays tribute to the architecture and culture of the 1940s. And if you’re wondering, yes, there was really a Ruby. The diner is named for Ruby Cavanaugh, the founder’s mother.

Architecture is everywhere, in every city, from megalopolises to the tiniest of villages, I photograph architecture because I am passionate about the act of documenting buildings, interiors, and the soul of a neighbourhood with my eyes.

-Franck Bohbot


Cinematic shots

Based in Paris, French photographer Ludwig Favre has made American landscapes his specialty. Coney Island, Time Square, Venice Beach… He crosses America from East to West and he never knows quite where to look. From the Empire State Building to the Flatiron, or the Chicago Theater.In post-production, the artist plays with colours to give a cinematic finish to his photographs. Now Spielberg, now Wes Anderson, each of his pictures reflects a particular atmosphere, immersing the audience in a new scenario.

Ludwig Favre immortalises settings typical of the region. A wonderful invitation to escape, the array of assorted Palm Springs locations are staged in compositions as shimmering as they are refreshing.

I love cities, smells, noise, the atmosphere that is different every time. I love places with a soul and a story to tell. Through the diversity of perspectives of constructed space that it offers, photography allows us to bear witness ot the world we live in.

-Ludwig Favre