Born in Argentina, Matias Galeano worked as a graphic designer for several years before fully devoting himself to photography. His pseudonym, Boluddha, is a contraction of the Argentinian word “Boludo” (idiot) and “Bouddha” (the enlightened). He thus presents his art as that of an enlightened idiot, in constant search for light. His love for the eighth art leads him to the four corners of the world. He lived successively in Germany, the Netherlands, and England before settling down in Spain. Throughout his many expeditions, he directed his lens towards architecture, with its coherent lines and its relation to the buoyancy of the lives that inhabit it. In his search for the perfect point of view, the Argentinian artist spends hours, sometimes days, studying structures, their angles, and the effects of light. Lying on the ground, with his lens pointed upward or in a helicopter with his lens pointed downward, he identifies and captures the patterns that form themselves around human beings and their settlements.  ... See more See less

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