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The art of giving

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The Rolling Stones

1967. This photograph was taken on 11 January, 1967, in Green Park, a few days before the Rolling Stones flew to the United States. The Stones are on a promotional tour for the release of their landmark album "Between the Buttons" and are scheduled to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. The aura of scandal surrounding the Stones served their career and it was around the same time that their manager launched the slogan "Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?"


Pedro Jarque Krebs, animal portraitist

Pedro Jarque Krebs photographic work aims to raise awareness of the beauty and diversity of wildlife. He creates series of animal portraits in an atmosphere similar to that of a photographic studio, but without imposing the stress of an unknown environment on them. His intention is to show not only the form of the animal, but more than anything its very essence, its soul:

"What I'm interested in is inspiring empathy by looking for expressions demonstrating that animals are sentient beings too."


Andrea Pavan, master of unreality

"Sometimes all it takes is a simple change of perspective to see another reality."

This quote from the American author Dan Brown perfectly illustrates the fascinating universe of the Italian artist Andréa Pavan.
Trained as an architect, he specialises in conceptual photography.
He plays with the standard concepts of geometry and the notion of space to create a surreal universe in which light plays the main role.

Daniel Metz, artist and globetrotter

Daniel Metz shares his love for the rural region of Guangxi, along the Li River, with us.
Composed of impressive mountain formations, the latter is made up of hundreds of limestone peaks that emerge dramatically from the ground.
The Grenoble-based photographer captures the beauty of this jagged panorama through the medium of his lens.





Stefan Christmann, a committed photographer

Stefan Christmann is a committed photographer. He cares deeply about the polar regions, and the planet as a whole, and sincerely hopes that his images of Antarctica can help save this habitat and its inhabitants. Antarctica is, for him, the most incredible place he has ever visited in his life: for him, it is nature in its purest form, beautiful and unforgiving.

Mina Mimbu

Japanese artist Mina Mimbu is inspired as much by the sumptuous panoramas of the Pacific as by the innocent charm of childhood to create poetic images, filled with magic and sweetness.
The thousands of balloons featured in the Rainbow shot symbolise joy and encourage the viewer to share it with those who need cheering up.

John Wright

In his series «Mistress», John Wright explores the different stages of an extramarital affair.
With «He’s Not Here», the photographer symbolises the denial but also the disappointment of infidelity.
While the scene is set somewhere in 1950s America, the shot represents a universal act often depicted in the art world.

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

Once upon a time, there was life hidden beneath the surface...
The cold and silent universe of the ocean dominates man and challenges photography.
Our artists will take you on a unique wild encounter with these beings who seem to live in another world.

A mythological work

Danae is a character from Greek mythology. After an oracle predicted bad omens for her future, she was locked up by her father in an underground chamber below his palace. Deprived of light, she nevertheless attracted the attention of Zeus, who took the form of golden rain to get to her. The «Danae» series by the Italian photographer Alessandro Risuleo was inspired by this myth...


Laurent Baheux, defender of the animal cause

A regular adventurer in the African savannah, Laurent Baheux feels that «there is less danger in photographing wild animals than living among people».
With a graphic and aesthetic approach that differs from traditional photography, our monochrome animal portraitist showcases nature and endangered wildlife.

The art of giving

Each of our photographs has a story. Come and discover them.

Marie Lou Chatel, colourisation specialist

When this photo was taken, colour photography did not yet exist. Marie-Lou Chatel is a specialist in the restoration and colourisation of old black & white photographs.

It is technical and meticulous work that can take many hours, and it requires a lot of precision as well as a certain degree of poetic licence, oscillating between invention and restoration, so that the viewer can form an idea of life at that period.

André Monet, artist and portraitist

Did you know? After having created portraits of various celebrities including Kate Moss, André Monet had the major responsibility of immortalising the union of Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011.

An Artist Duo

BJ et Richeille Formento form the duo Formento + Formento, exhibited by Yellowkorner several years ago. They met in 2005 and have never parted since. The couple works in perfect harmony to create sensual images, halfway between fiction and reality. Whatever the theme, all their creations are characterised with a touch of Hitchcockian sensuality.

The Legendary Colorama Saga

This is the biggest, longest, and brightest advertising campaign Kodak has ever run. This stroke of genius by Kodak made photography accessible to all and led to the brand becoming so successful.

Artwork created with a fork

Artist Mark Lovejoy’s modus operandi is original and unique as he uses a fork instead of a brush to create these works. It encourages the viewer to use their imagination and to dream.

Nicolas Velter, the art of miniatures

Nicolas Velter pays tribute to the artist Edward Hopper throught this composition. Nicolas Velter has of course taken artistic liberties with the work and the interpretation is up to the viewer.

Itchi, artist and illustrator

«Scissors and a tube of glue – my collages are almost always made by hand, in the traditional way!» Itchi.

The Art of Giving

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The Art of Giving

Each of our photographs has a story, come and discover them.