Raphaelle Abib


An independent photographer, Raphaëlle Abib was born in 1988 in Paris, where she now lives. After graduating from the MJM Graphic Design School, she completed her training at the Centre Iris, in Paris. “Photography is a way for me to make contact with others and exist,” she says. “It allows me to bring to life the poetic view I have of the world.” She is particularly interested in artistic trades, to “reveal the most beautiful craft” and “highlight the singularity of the locations, through a poetic perspective”. Poetry is a key element of her work. Her series Eden, created in the Albert Kahn Japanese Garden, in Boulogne-Billancourt (France), is a striking example: based on the reflections on the surface of the water, she captures the movements and various colours, like so many impressionistic touches. She is representeed by the Mayanot Gallery in Jerusalem and regularly shows her work in Paris and in the Israeli capital. Jewish identity, which she has made a central point of study, will be the theme of her next exhibition, scheduled for 2024 at the Musée des Religions du monde au Québec, based on photographs taken in Jerusalem.  ... See more See less