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George Hoyningen-Huene produced Vogue’s advertising campaigns for the 1929-1930 ladies swimwear collections. The most famous fashion designers at the time were Izod, Lelong and most prominently Jean Patou. The creations targeted a new kind of customer - the working, sporty and liberated women. The flapper fashion, which reached its peak between 1919 and 1929, changed the archetype of feminine fashion and lifestyle habits forever. Under the influence of Coco Chanel, the suntanned look became a fashion mainstream from 1920, after which the arms, legs and shoulders began to be revealed. Being a slender and tanned woman became a social “must”. The most audacious fashion photographers adapted their work to suit these new criteria. George Hoyningen-Huene drew from his fine art background to create a modern iconography and in turn developed a style in fitting with the spirit of the time. The artist did not photograph bodies in space but rather as a network of lines. He created an extremely graphic body of work, dominated by geometric constructions that evoked Mondrian’s compositions while the models, through their poses, highlighted a new way of perceiving the body.

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El artista
George Hoyningen-Huene

Hoyningen-Huene fue fotógrafo de modas durante las décadas de los años veinte y los treinta. Originalmente era alemán, pero se mudó a París. Realizó bocetos de modelos para talleres de alta costura mientas aprendía con el cubista y teórico artístico André Lhote. En 1925, Hoyningen-Huene recibió el ofrecimiento de un trabajo como ilustrador de Vogue. Con el tiempo se convirtió en uno de los fotógrafos estrellas de la revista. Llegó como inmigrante a Nueva York en 1935, donde trabajó de cerca para Harper’s Bazaar; después se mudó a Hollywood, lugar en que produjo retratos de artistas.

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