Thomas Herbrich

« It was a publicity campaign for a company that specializes in concrete. We cons-tructed the set in a studio in London. The construction, made of Styrofoam and coated in plaster, measured 5 meters in width and 3 meters in height. The bridge was madeof wood. For the 12 elephants, we fabricated 4 models, adding different ears andtrunks for each of them. I took the photo with a 20 x 25 cm camera but the result was not realistic enough. The photo had too much resolution, I was thinking less resolution, near to a snapshot taken with a small tourist camera, would be more appropriate. While I was taking the photos, the commissioner asked me for a diagram of the bridge, justto see if the construction could really support the weight of the elephants. After 2days of checking, a source of anxiety for me, the decision was : Yes, it's possible ! ». TH

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The Artist
Thomas Herbrich

Born in Düsseldorf in 1955, he begins his career of photography in a studio of still life. «In a sense, even the photos that I create today are always living, the only difference is that I no longer arrange the objects on a table but I assemble photographs in order to create a new image». 1968: the opening of 2001 Space Odyssey of Stanley Kubrick, a visual shock for the young photographer, the esthetic of the film has not ceased to this day

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