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Felipe Ferré has photographed Paris endlessly for more than thirty years. He is interested in its changing architecture as well as the patrimonial aspect of the capital. Ferré was born in Bogota in 1934. His mother was French and his father Spanish. He did not leave Colombia until 1961 when he came to France and settled definitively. As a professional photographer he produced documentary work. At the same time as his work on Paris, he produced photographic reports about contemporary artists including Pierre Cardin, Dali and Botero, with whom he spent three years.His photograph :Armed with a 4x5 inch folding camera, Felipe Ferré takes very accurate colour photographs. At the start of the ?80s, he pursued a tradition going back to the first decade of the 20th century. The shopkeepers were used to being photographed in front of their shop windows with their employees. Felipe Ferré resumes the conventions of this iconography. Professional clichés of old style Paris shops were ostentatious and for advertising purposes, whilst Ferré?s shots are nostalgic. Beyond the documentary interest, Felipe Ferré photographs a long existing aesthetic, before it disappears. Halfway between Atget?s shop window clichés and the decor of a Tati film, this series is an ode to desuetude.

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Die Kollektion ansehen
Der Künstler
Felipe Ferré

Felipe Ferré wurde 1934 in Bogota geboren. Seine Mutter war Französin, sein Vater Spanier. Erst 1961 kehrte er Kolumbien den Rücken zu und ließ sich endgültig in Frankreich nieder. Als Berufsfotograf widmet sich Felipe Ferré in Paris der Dokumentarfotografie. Gleichzeitig arbeitet er an Bildreportagen über zeitgenössische Künstler wie Pierre Cardin, Dali und Botero, an deren Seite er drei Jahre verbringt.

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