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The Oscars are to film what the Hasselblad is to photography. For this occasion, YellowKorner has the pleasure of presenting to you the artists from its collection who have won this prestigious award. This bi-annual and internationally recognised competition rewards the best talents in photography, among whom feature the emblematic artists of YellowKorner. Explore the dreamlike and surrealist world of Mária Svarbová, the mystical compositions of Lars Van de Goor, and the troubling shots captured by Ben Thomas, all three of whom have won awards in this competition and whose works are available in numbered limited edition at your local gallery and on

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After studying the preservation and restoration of artworks and archaeology in Slovakia, allowing her to develop a major interest in aesthetics, in 2010, the young Mária Svarbová decided to devote most of her time to photography. Her first photographs were signed under the pseudonym Aria Baró and characterised by their onirism and surrealism, while her current work satirizes our modern world, in the manner of stark paintings in which characters are frozen in inexpressive postures. Her first portraits captured the expressions of her models, brimming with a timeless nostalgia. Mária Svarbová undertakes prestigious international assignments in the form of fashion (Vogue) or photography books (DOHDO, FotoVideo).<

She has won the “Art” category AWARD at the Hasselblad Masters 2018, after finishing as a finalist in 2017. She also holds gold medals from the TRIERENBEERG SUPER CIRCUIT, Austria, in 2014, 2015, and 2017.

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The atmosphere that Mária Svarbová depicts through a palette of pastel and overexposed tones projects the spectator into a sanitized world in which her characters have chosen to give up any kind of extravagance that might unmask them. Like inert and robotic figurines, they rigidly evolve from one photograph to the next without parading their feelings.

“Any kind of narration, whether it be life, portraiture, or landscape. I want to make people think. I don’t want to give them the full story, because I love the idea of seduction. They are like excerpts from a film that make you want to see the whole thing. You want to know more.” Mária Svarbová

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Dutch artist Lars Van de Goor was born on a barge surrounded by lakes and farmland in 1964. Working as a musician in his early professional life, he turned to photography in 2007: a demanding discipline that enables him to “compose” in a similar manner, not with notes on a stave, but with the landscapes that surround him in his daily life. The photographer has never really left his native country and now lives in the western part of the Netherlands, in a small city with no charm (in his own words) and yet, ideally situated at the margins of a wood that changes with the seasons.

The enchanting work of Lars Van de Goor has won several distinctions: the Hasselblad Masters award in the “Season and Climate” category (2010, 2016) on the one hand, but also the gold medal from Trierenberg Super Circuit, one of the most prestigious photography contests.

“My main objective: to capture magical moments of nature and show its beauty to the widest possible audience.” Lars Van de Goor

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Whether it be music or photography, the artist likes to say that he “composes”, not with notes on a musical stave, but with the landscapes surrounding him every day in his native country.

Like the character Obelix who fell in the druid’s cauldron as a child and became invincible, Lars Van de Goor was born in the midst of farmland and can no longer do without this enchanting world, which he admires each day. He lives very close to the woods, which change colours with the passing of the seasons. He mainly photographs landscapes, particularly the trees of his native province: Gelderland.

The photographer’s main source of inspiration comes from an encounter, that of nature and light. Lars Van de Goor photographs trees from Nordic forests under the famous Dutch light, which renders landscapes mysterious and bewitching, as though they’re from another world.

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Born in Australia, Ben Thomas graduated from the Adelaide International School of Digital Special Effects and Animation. Since 2003, he has lived and worked in Melbourne, capital of South Australia, which he sees as a constant source of inspiration for his art and the starting point of his artistic approach. The artist enjoys capturing the living areas of its residents and the city’s organisation. Armed with his lens, he thus presents a vision of Melbourne that is both unusual and playful. In 2007, he completed his first photographic series entitled Cityshrinker. His photographs are published and shown throughout the world, particularly in the United States, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and of course, Melbourne. He has recently worked for major corporations such as Sony, Cake, Singapore Airlines, Penguin Books, and Chronicle Books.

Ben Thomas won an AWARD at the Hasselblad Masters 2018 in the “Street / Urban” Category.

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Ben Thomas likes to capture the living spaces of residents and their organisation. Taken from distanciated and elevated viewpoints (the tops of buildings, or from a helicopter), his photographs are reworked in postproduction. He thus creates new points of view that resemble models.

Designed to perturb the spectator’s gaze by removing the barriers between fiction and reality, this technique of distanciation similar to “tilt shift” provides an original and playful view of the city. However, spectators discover real subjects in his images, captured to scale each time. The figures look like figurines, like actors in a fully operational virtual world. Similarly, the locations seem both strange and familiar to us.

“A successful image will always depend on its theme, and on the technical power of the image – the light, forms, and colours – but it must also have charisma.” Ben Thomas

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Polish-born Radoslaw Pujan has a number of strings to his bow. An engineer by trade, he became passionate about the medium of photography while studying at the Polytechnic in Poznan and now, since 2006, he has been composing black-and-white portraits worthy of the greatest names in international fashion. Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon represent his primary artistic references in terms of the sensuality he seeks to obtain in his shots. Firstly, landscapes, then portraits of friends, and finally, staging of female models, Radoslaw Pujan's style evolved as he experimented and taught himself photography techniques. He eventually decided to favour the medium-format camera, enabling him to conserve the grain of the image and above all, to connect the heritage of the past to our contemporary world.

Born in 1978, the photographer is currently working in Brussels and regularly travels to Poland or France to produce his images, which won awards at the Hasselblad Masters in 2014.

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Drawing his inspiration from film and fashion to produce stagings of female models in which elegant women’s bodies are brazenly flaunted.

Helmut Newton represents one of his main artistic references in terms of sensuality. He is the instigator of what is known as “chic porn” in photography: “Nothing is more revealing than nudity, except for nudity that is clothed.” His intense black and white shots represent a realm of freedom that allows him to defend a symbol: that of women’s beauty and liberty. His gaze enhances women as opposed to belittling them.

“In this privileged moment, I look at the woman as though she was a sculpture. And all of the environment around her, the history – it is a whole context that creates an image.” Radoslaw Pujan

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