Based in Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary islands, Sergio Villalba describes himself as an adventurer, a surfer, but also and above all, a lifestyle photographer. When he's not surfing, he can often be found with a camera in hand, immortalising the hundreds of shades of blue all around him. At ease in all photographic fields, it is in the great outdoors, in connection with the elements that his talent comes into its own. Like a mirror on glazed paper, the work of artist Sergio Villalba reflects his everyday way of life. What he loves more than anything? Creating realistic scenarios in which sport integrates daily life. To do this, he stages athletes or non-professional models in a natural environment coloured in bright tones - and he does so with brio. Unsurprisingly, many international brands trust him to illustrate their advertising campaigns, namely Red Bull, Microsoft, Vans, O'Neill, Qantas, Salomon, Hard Rock Hotels, Nat Geo Traveler, and many more.  ... See more See less

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