Alessio Trerotoli


Since he was about 10 years old, Alesio Trerotoli has always found himself behind the camera, without really thinking about making a career of his passion. After studying art and cinema in Rome, he took off to travel Europe, the USA, and South America, and found that he was quite inspired by the cities he saw. Upon his return in 2010, he exhibited his travel photos in a gallery in Rome. His work was a great success, and several prizes later, his career was launched. Inspired by Saul Leiter, Jak Baruh, and Masashi Wakui, who mix street photography with abstract art, Trerotoli specialises in conceptual urban photography. He juxtaposes several photos and duplicates certain elements: “I want to beautify reality without betraying traditional urban photography,” he explains, “but by proposing a new vision of cities.” Since 2013, his Urban Melodies and Raindrop Blues series have been recognised with a dozen prizes, notably the Gold Award from the WPE International Photographers Awards in 2020, and have been shown in Rome, Beijing, Milan, and Chicago. His next project is a photographic tribute to American artist Edward Hopper.  ... See more See less

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