Yancho Sabev


Yancho Sabev is an eclectic photographer living in Louvain, Belgium. His fields of predilection are street photography, landscapes, and abstract art. He likes exploring new horizons, immersing himself in cultures that he doesn’t know, and shifting our perception of reality: “I really enjoy mixing genres and creating abstract photos based on a realistic view.” This is the case, for instance, with his photos presented by YellowKorner, which blithely revisit basic urban views of Hong Kong or Tokyo, rendering them abstract. Yancho Sabev regularly wins awards internationally, for instance at the Monochrome Photography Awards in 2020 where he won an honourable mention in the "Fine Art" category. He has also received three honourable mentions in three different categories at the Paris International Street Photo Awards and won a bronze medal at the Annual International Color Awards in 2021. When he is not travelling and behind his camera, Yancho Sabev appreciates spending time with his wife and two children.  ... See more See less