Carla Sutera Sardo was born in Agrigento, on the southwest coast of Sicily. Her passion for the eighth art sprang up spontaneously when a friend introduced her to landscape photography during her years studying law. From that moment onward, she devoted most of her free time to studying the workings of photography and experimenting on the preserved and wild landscapes of her native Sicily. With her law degree in hand, she decided to devote herself fully to the wonderful art of photography. She moved to Madrid and enrolled in a fashion photography school to improve her skills. Since then, her talent has attracted the attention of numerous publications, including L’oeil de la photographie and the prestigious Vogue Italia. She has also won several international awards (including the Sony World Photography Awards, Siena Photography Awards, ADG International Photo Contest) and exhibited her works from London to Turin, to Florence, Palermo, Zhengzhou, and Paris.   ... See more See less