Gurney Robert


From his earliest voyages, Robert Gurney liked to play with the camera on his telephone. What he first described as a universal reflex to immortalise landscapes and encounters has gradually transformed into a style exercise. “With each new journey, I discovered that I did not only take photos to capture a moment, but instead to tell a story. And all of a sudden, I started to see everything through the lines of a photo frame.” So he decided to make a sea change. As a self-taught photographer, he developed his technical knowledge through the countless sources of information available on YouTube and practised daily, to the point where, what was once a hobby on his travels quickly became an all-encompassing passion. And the artist does not lack inspiration. He sees the beauty in everyday life. “Of course, it’s easier to find it when you’re travelling,” he adds. “But if we could stop for a moment and try to appreciate our environment more, I think that we could find beauty almost everywhere.”  ... See more See less

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