fabrice malzieu

Salaam Bombay

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In 2019, he won the YK Award on Instagram with his photograph "Rough Sea 12". The jury is composed of three YellowKorner photographers: Laurent Baheux, Olivier Lavielle and Juliette Jourdain, selected his work from among 25 other photographs in competition. They were impressed by the power of this wave in perpetual movement, perfectly immortalised, by the rich spectrum of colours that make it up, and by the contrast that makes it emerge among these twilight lights. FABRICE MALZIEU

About the artwork

« It is the morning, low tide, a thin skin of water remains on the sand: a scattering of flowers thrown there, in the guise of an offering. At the edge of the waves, a few silhouettes, and farther, on the other side of the bay, the buildings erected all along Ocean Drive. Running toward the city an angel passes who makes me remember Chaipu, the hero, so endearing, of the first film of Mira Nair : Salaam Bombay ! » FM

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