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“Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year”, “Wanderlust Photographer of the Year”, “UK Landscape Photographer of the Year”, “Most Published Photographer of the Year”… Artist Ian Cameron has been accumulating awards in his category: landscape photography. Fascinated by light, he strives to capture the ephemeral moments of harmony between light, composition, and subject – rare moments in which devotion and patience are appropriate and that the photographer has made his specialty. Based in the north of Scotland, Ian Cameron says “Scotland, more than all the other countries I’ve had the chance to travel to, challenges the patience and technical skill of the photographer. It toys with him, seduces him with an incredible light then mocks him when he struggles against the wind and rain to capture this moment of fleeting magic.” It is a veritable treasure hunt whose bounty is, for the artist, those few seconds in which the elements align thanks to a magical light.  ... See more See less

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Based in the north of Scotland, Ian Cameron captures the magic of ephemeral moments. At the moment when light, composition, and subject harmonise, the photographer springs into action. This recipe has earned him many awards, including “Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year”, “Wanderlust Photographer of the Year”, and “UK Landscape Photographer of the Year”. For this series, he deliberately overexposes his pictures. He thus subtracts any distractions to highlight the essence of his compositions.

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25 June 2020


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