Steve Menendez was not destined for photography. In the 1980s, he ran a boutique in South Beach (Miami) but his style and creativity did not go unnoticed. At his boutique, he met models, fashion designers, and magazine editors who encouraged him to apply his famous magic touch to photo shoots. His career as a designer, artistic director, and finally, photographer, gradually took off to the point that he decided to move to New York. In the heart of the Big Apple, he pursued his passion for art photography and opened his own studio to capture stimulating images that showcase the beauty of the human spirit. In 2019, he was among the top ten black-and-white photographers according to One EyeLand and more recently, he was a laureate at the Nude Photoshoot Awards 2020. Besides these awards, Steven Menendez has also exhibited his works at the Leslie Lohman Museum, the FIT Museum, and in numerous galleries.  ... See more See less