An executive at an international firm, Hans-Jürgen Malchow first started taking photographs to fill moments of patience or solitude at major international hotels. He became a specialist in urban photography, preferably by night. Or rather, at dusk, at his favorite moment, that of the popular “blue hour”, the transitional period when day gives way to night. Several years ago, he started using long exposure technique. “It requires a lot of preparation, at the time and in post-production, but the results are amazingly different!” he exclaims. This technique allows him to best convey the lights of the city, which fascinate him. And while he uses all digital tools in post-production, he strives to stay as close as possible to reality and avoids artificial photographs: “I am constantly trying to match reality and express what the human eye sees.” Currently in the pipeline: a project in Valencia, Spain, to explore its mixture of history and modernity, and a project with the elderly and photos from their youth. His focus remains on stories of transitions.  ... See more See less

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