Yvonne Lu, also known under the pseudonym ANCAJAIER, has been interested in the arts for a very long time. As a child, she liked to dance, paint, and above all, take photos. In 2012, she left her native country, Taiwan, for Georgia, where she obtained a Master of the Arts specialising in photography. Armed with her degree, she decided to launch her career as a professional photographer in New York. There, she collaborated with prestigious clients, including the famous photographic cooperative Magnum Photos and the Kahn & Selesnick agency. From the outset, she earned the recognition of her peers and made a name for herself in the world of conceptual photography. Her poetic self-portraits in particular were to mark a turning point in her career. Awards (International Photography Awards, IPP Awards, Nikon Photography Award, the Prix de la Photographie de Paris) and publications (TIME Lightbox, CNN, etc.) flourished, as did international exhibitions.  ... See more See less