From a tender age, Pygmalion Karatzas has been interested in the visual arts. Drawing, painting, photography, architecture, film… He was stimulated by the artisanry of his native Greece and started to shape his artist’s eye. From this passion for the fine arts, his future vocation was born: architecture. In 1991, he left to study in Budapest (Hungary) then in Edinburgh (Scotland) to become an architect. His camera followed him on all his travels to discover new landscapes. Upon his return to Greece, a series of events further stimulated his interest and led to his career in photography. While he was studying image processing for his professional projects, digital photography was experiencing an extraordinary boom and platforms for sharing images became hugely popular… All of these elements combined to the point where Pygmalion Karatzas became inseparable from his camera. Today, he shares his time between photography and his career as an architect. He combines his two passions in favour of art and aestheticism.  ... See more See less