Hannes Koenig


Originally from Australia, Hannes Koenig now lives in the east of France, in the beautiful city of Strasbourg. With his camera always slung over his shoulder, he immortalises the natural and urban landscapes that inspire strong emotions in him. Influenced by painters like Paul Cézanne, Van Gogh, and Jan Vermeer, the artist says: “I try to capture the landscape in front of me as well as the feelings it inspires. It is a strange mix of left and right brain. I can resolve technical problems and logistical challenges (such as finding the right position) and then, let’s hope, create something magical.” Hannes Koenig assimilates his approach to the production of a Hollywood feature film with visual storytelling and the creation of a cinematographic experience. His goal: to help others to discover the beauty of the world, but not just that. This auteur-photographer is attached to the idea that the magic of the moment, the lighting and atmosphere, must truly be felt by the viewer.  ... See more See less