Artistic Encounter: Journey Through Asia

This week, Yellowkorner invites you to discover the photographer couple Tuul & Bruno Morandi. Great fans of Asia, Tuul and Bruno Morandi roam distant lands, testifying to the fragile beauty of our environment. After growing up on the Mongolian steppes, Tuul became a photojournalist and joined Bruno Morandi, an international reporter of Franco-Italian origins and former guide. The two photographers have travelled extensively together, capturing majestic landscapes.

  In this conversation, Tuul & Bruno Morandi intimate the primary intentions of their photographs.

Interview with Tuul & Bruno Morandi

Why photography?
Tuul & Bruno Morandi : It is the most obvious language or the form of writing that imposed itself on us in order to share and present the fragile beauty of the world’s cultures.

What characterises your style?
T & B Morandi : Framings in which we chose to inscribe only aesthetic elements and in which the harmony of the colours dominates.

Your inspiration (artistically, in particular) ?
T & B Morandi : First of all, Italian Renaissance painters, particularly the Tuscans (Della Francesca, Botticelli, Buonarroti, etc.) who inspired Bruno’s teenage years and also photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson for his rigorous sense of composition and precision in the moment, and Alex Webb and Harry Gruyaert for their plays of colour.

« The photo we would have liked to have taken, is the next one. Because, like writers, after each photo we always start off with a blank page. »

The contact of creation of this series?
T & B Morandi : Initially, we were interested by the graphic design of this stairwell. And in the manner of a wildlife photographer, we waited fro the women from the neighbouring villages to come to do their washing or draw water, and we were overwhelmed by the natural elegance of these Indian women.


Your most recent award / finest achievement?
T & B Morandi : We are proud of our book La Mongolie de Genghis Khan [Genghis Khan’s Mongolia], the fruit of many years of work and also of our regular publications in National Geographic Traveler US or Géo France. We are also proud to be able to share our images through photo exhibitions, the most recent of which was at the Musée des Arts Asiatiques de Nice.

Your favorite photos at YellowKorner?
T & B Morandi : Matthieu Ricard with, among others, Epopée dansée du roi Guesar Tibet I [Dance of the Epic Tale of King Guesar Tibet I] and Olivier Föllmi with, among others, Bodh Gaya.

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