Itchi is a Parisian artist and illustrator. After studying at the École de Design graphique de LISAA Paris, he discovered the art of collage. The artist describes his new passion: “It is a work undertaken in several phases: first, brainstorming; the patient search for materials, subjects, and textures; then the spontaneity of creation, the pleasure of playing with shapes and colours to create new images.” Inspired by the 1950s and 1960s, Itchi collects, flicks through, and cuts out pictures from vintage books and magazines to create colourful, optimistic, or offbeat images, often tinged with nostalgia. His work brings characters, faces, and objects from the past back to life in original compositions. Today, while his art travels the world through collective national and international exhibitions, the Parisian artist also collaborates with the press, as well as the cultural and interior design worlds.  ... See more See less