Esther was born in the Vallée aux Loups in the greater Paris region. As for Morgan, he grew up in Marseille. Now based in Paris, they form the duo Renards Gourmets. Chefs, authors, and photographers, they describe themselves as Epicureans who are passionate about authentic recipes, fine arts, and the art of living. Among their numerous sources of inspiration feature the still lifes of the seventeenth century in Europe, the art of the Renaissance, as well as nineteenth-century realism. They thus combine their skills and passions to feed the eyes of the public with dreamy, gourmet compositions. Their creative process begins with a phase of historic and cultural investigation based on a culinary theme and more specifically, on a recipe. Later comes the food preparation and staging. Finally the shoot immortalises the aesthetic of the culinary masterpiece. The duo says: “We superimpose our vision of life on the brutality of the world, in a constant search for what is just, good, and beautiful.”  ... See more See less