Dennis Fogestedt


Dennis Fogestedt is a Swedish photographer based in Los Angeles (USA). He discovered photography at the age of 18 and decided to take it up as a self-taught career. "Ever since I understood the emotion that a photograph could convey, I have not been able to stop taking them", he says with a smile. Today he works as a freelancer and travels the world with his photography reports, most often on nature and landscapes. He is just as at ease with a monkey in the forest of Sri Lanka as he is with a musk ox in the mountains of Norway. "Beautiful moments happen all the time, we just have to stop and observe them," says Dennis Fogestedt, who cites nature photographers Morten Hilmer and Thomas Heaton as great sources of inspiration. However, for his series on Palm Springs, he claims to have borrowed from Slim Aarons, jet-set photographer of the 1950s to the 1970s, and his vintage approach: "I wanted to offer a modern take on Palm Springs, but with a Slim Aarons perspective," he says.  ... See more See less