Leyla Emektar


Leyla Emektar was born in Adana, Turkey. She studied Beaux-Arts at the University of Çukurova. Enrolled in photography classes, she became familiar with techniques of taking photos and using a darkroom. Once she had her diploma, she started teaching Visual Art at the Univeristy of Balıkesir, but hadn’t forgotten the 8th art. Her camera tagged along on all her travels, and quickly, a hobby became true passion. She dedicated more and more of her time and added precision to her post-production style: mixing imagination and reality. She explains: “After having compiled the pieces of fiction that I want to tell in my shots, I write them and design them.” With her fictive works, the Turkish artist is making a name for herself. Qatar, Portugal, China, Austria, Japan, South Korea... She shows her work in cities all over the world and often is chosen in first place in the competitions she enters...  ... See more See less