Nicola Ducati


Nicola Ducati was born and raised in the heart of the Italian Alps. This childhood among majestic landscapes has surely played a part in his vocation. Intrigued since childhood by an old camera, he tried his hand at several photographic styles before specialising in travel photography with a clear preference for Asia and portraiture. Through his masterful photos he hopes to highlight people or landscapes authentically: “My work falls within a desire to capture the space-time of a moment and preserve the memory of these places and people that will be gradually modernised,” he explains. “I love photography when it shows what is there but also when it suggests, when it makes us think.” His photos, in Afghanistan, China, or Burma, regularly win awards (IPA 2018, ND Awards 2020) and are published in prestigious magazines such as National Geographic Italy or exhibited all over the world, such as at Paris Photo or the Agora Gallery Manhattan in New York.  ... See more See less