Marco Castilla was born into a family of artists. Painting, architecture, sculpture, film, photography... Since his earliest infancy, the artist has been brought up on a cosmopolitan culture. His German grandfather, Helmut Brendel, was an architect in Hamburg in the thirties. As for his father, Juan Castilla, he was a painter in Seville. Besides his love for art, the latter also passed on knowledge and techniques inherent to pictorial art, thus having a strong influence on his oeuvre. A multitalented artist, Marco Castilla roams the world, wherever his projects take him. His creativity knows no bounds and inundates various media, particularly photography. Far from the fleeting nature of animated imagery and ephemera, the eighth art enables him to take the time to observe. He recounts: "It's important to me that the backdrop of life becomes a work of art, a photograph that we hang on the wall, a freeze frame of the existence that our daily life constitutes."  ... See more See less