Between culture, architecture, and silence, our cities and their surrounds are brimming with neglected sites, left to the good care of their wild masters. Aurélien Villette, Bernhard Hartmann and Stefano Manoleas have decided to share these images with you. They hope to convey a few moments of calm, serenity and history, which each of the places they have chosen contain.



Aurélien Villette is an explorer, he seeks to convey what he calls “the spirit of place”. Through the shots he creates, he’d like to share the post-mortem world of the places in the photographs. Aurélien plays on the light, fading materials, and structures to show all the beauty of these sites left abandoned to the auspices of Mother Nature.
All of these elements put together enable him to express the emotions that he also felt when photographing these entrancing and peaceful places.


How is your creative process going? Location, travel, best time to shoot, night on site...

This desire to travel reflects the part of dreams and peregrinations in my life that I try to convey through my photos. Sometimes these places might not seem real, nor the way I experience travel. The connection between reality and what might not be fuels my creative energy. I like this impression of passage, of transition, of displacement because, as with time, nothing is immutable.

“Architecture marks all of our lives, our lifestyle, beliefs, and cultures, from our birth to our death and beyond. All of this variety leaves me awestruck, every day.”



A multiple award-winning photographer, Bernhard Hartmann needs no introduction. Hartmann is a professional photographer who creates dramatic or romantic photographs (compared to William Turner or Caspar David Friedrich) through his artistic approach.
In these new releases, he suggests a romantic approach to lakes. These new shots emerge as an opening onto a natural essence, reflected in the deep blue of the lakes he has chosen. His photographs transcend reality and convey emotions like serenity, peace, and bliss.

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“I love what is beautiful. The serenity of a beautiful garden and the grace of an architectural monument must provoke the same emotion for the viewer. They must be enchanted through their emotions.”



A new artist at YellowKorner, Stefano Manoleas loves to travel and always takes his Sony Alpha with him, allowing him to immortalise his journeys and the places he encounters.
After crisscrossing European countries like the Czech Republic or Greece (his native country), he decided to move to London to work. Stefano is not just a photographer, but also a project manager in robotics. It is through his passion for travel that Stefano built up his Instagram community, with no less than 44,500 followers.