Michael Belhadi is a German photographer born in 1963. His early days in photography were quite original. While he was undertaking his civil service at a hospital, his boss asked him to take charge of the photography of… surgical operations. This early experience would, eventually, serve him greatly and influence his way of taking photographs, when he subsequently turned to urban and architectural photography: “In my work this same special attention to details comes out, and to the neutral and objective treatment found in medical photography,” he highlights. “I draw on this to showcase the beauty of an urban landscape through geometric compositions or unusual perspectives.” His photographs focus on elements and structures, almost always deliberately excluding human beings. Michael Belhadi exhibits his work regularly, notably in London, Düsseldorf, and of course Berlin, a city that he particularly enjoys and where he has been living since the 2000s. He also won the Gregor Calendar Award in 2015 and the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis in 2018.  ... See more See less