David Behar grew up by the sea, in southern Florida. These days, he still lives on the coast, in Los Angeles, where he exerts his two professions: artistic director and photographer. Naturally, the beach is his preferred subject, but also his playground. Behar has long practised skimboarding and this activity guided him towards photography. Eager to showcase southern Florida to the rest of the world, where there are waves worthy of the most beautiful locations, he started taking photos of these spots and publishing them online. Today, he no longer hits the waves, devoting his time to photography. The young American artist’s camera is his constant companion. He has not abandoned his initial inspiration – the beach – and manages to show this setting in new ways, surprising audiences with his idyllic photographs. Editing the images in post-production is an important part of his work. The exposure, colours, and lighting succeed in transporting the public into a parallel world in which the sea has never been so blue, the sand so clean, or the sun umbrellas so dazzling. These idyllic beach scenes have now conquered the planet. From London to Shanghai or Sydney, the American artist exhibits his work worldwide. With numerous awards under his belt, he has also inspired confidence in many brands (Sony Music, The North Face, etc.).  ... See more See less