2020's new artists

Before beginning a new artistic year, YellowKorner would like to introduce you to the new artists of its 2020 collection. Selected this year by our artistic community, Andrea Pavan , Marie-Laure Vareilles , Polar Bear , Thibaud Poirier knew how to attract your interest.

Andrea Pavan



A professional architect, Italian artist Andrea Pavan has a particular interest in spatial arrangements. Geometry in particular fascinates him. Born in 1968, he graduated from the Florence University of Architecture in 1996. After launching his career, he devoted his spare time to photography. Over the years, this interest in the eighth art grew and his style evolved towards conceptualism. It was the advent of the Instagram social network that was to constitute a major transition for the artist. Since 2014, he has used the platform to share his artworks, his artistic vision of a singularly geometric and resolutely stylised world. Outside of time and space, his creations obey a script in which light plays the starring role. They outline geometric forms in surrealist compositions in black and white.  ... See more See less

Andrea Pavan ’s black and white photos are not like others. The artist uses his photographic technique to create depth, give form to an imaginary environment. The subject is drowned by endless colours, plunging the viewer into another universe: the abstract world.

Marie-Laure Vareilles


Marie-Laure Vareilles finds inspiration through her travels , notably in Asia. It is upon returning home, in the form of montages full of poetry and inspired by the people she meets, that her photographs come alive. Marie-Laure Vareilles transports the viewer to a place between the imaginary and the real. Our imagination attributes our own stories to her photographs. As she herself says “I want the viewer, in looking, to invent his or her own story so that the photomontage comes to life according to each person’s imagination.”

Thibaud Poirier


" For the series of libraries and churches, I wanted to be able to feel a connection with these majestic places and share them, as spaces that retain a function remaining unchanged over the centuries."

As the son of an expat, Thibaud Poirier spent his childhood in a number of different cities around the world. But between Houston, Montreal, Buenos-Aires, and Tokyo, this last city has most influenced him:
“I discovered architecture there, especially the works of Tadao Ando, and architecture became my passion,” he explains. “Today it’s the main theme of both my photography and my professional work.”

One of his major projects brings together photographs of libraries and churches:
“I chose these libraries and churches because I wanted to look across history and show how spaces with similar functions could be interpreted differently in different places throughout the centuries.”


Polar Bear

Street Art

Behind the pseudonym Polar Bear lives an artist born in 1979 in Bordeaux. To express himself, he has chosen , street art and the multi-layered stencil he uses to cover the walls of big cities like Paris , London, Berlin, or Amsterdam. He is committed to creating works that are meaningful and poetic. Polar Bear did not choose his name by chance. Committed to animal rights since childhood, in 2018 he started the project Don’t Make Us History with its slogan written under the stencil of a polar bear, a gorilla, or a swarm of bees. His stencil Art is Life, depicting a little girl with pigtails, was one of his first and spread around the world. Today he is one of street art’s leading players.