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78 Photographs Lion

Is there any animal on earth with more impressive force and beauty than the lion?  ... See more See less


Lion 78 Photographs

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Is there any animal on earth with more impressive force and beauty than the lion? This ferocious beast has always been a source of fascination, firstly for explorers and enthusiasts, but for photographers as well. For this reason, in seeking out animal beauty, YellowKorner’s photographers are offering you an extraordinary collection of photographs of lions. As part of your interior decor, these images bring elegance to a white wall, with warmth, taste, and wildness. Contemplating these images, you can almost feel your arm hair stand on end in fear, or the softness of this regal fur. Famous photographers such as Laurent Baheux have captured rare and fleeting scenes of lions in their natural habitat, aiming to convey this animal’s magnificence. Laurent Baheux ’s wildlife photography is akin to portraiture . He captures animals, lion and lionesses, tigers, and other felines of the savannah in black and white. Through his lens, lions appear within reach of spectators. Captured in their natural habitat, the lions seem calm, relaxed, and gentle. The photographer Lukas Holas also depicts lions in black and white. His wildlife photography is filled with poetry. He captures the gaze of these ferocious yet tender animals like no one else. In contrast, the image by Pedro Jarque Krebs offers the yawning mouth of a lion. This impressive photograph seems set to leap out of the frame and swallow up spectators. The artist has opted to leave the lion in colour, but removes him from his natural habitat of the African or Middle Eastern savannah, placing him on a deep black background. Among the large collection of wildlife photographs (of lions, more specifically) offered by YellowKorner in numbered limited edition, you can discover the many faces of these feline kings. These portraits in the heart of nature adapt to all decorative styles, bringing you into a fascinating wild universe.