Mostafa Ajawi


Mostafa Ajjawi took his first photos with his smartphone in 2011 when he was still a student and posted them on Instagram. Receiving positive feedback, he decided to get professional, alongside his studies. He bought a decent camera, took classes, and watched many YouTube tutorials about shooting and retouching. Living in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, where he still works as a mechanical engineer, he takes advantage of his free time to travel as often as possible, notably in the great metropolises and to Japan, his second country: “I have special affection for Japan,” he says. “I grew up with its culture and for every photo I take there, it’s important to me to show this country’s beauty.” Today, Mostafa Ajjawi is a renowned photographer with nearly 6,000 subscribers on Instagram and his photos are regularly published in National Geographic Abu Dhabi and win awards at contests such as Xposure, the International Photography Festival of the Emirates, last held in November 2020.  ... See more See less

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