Born in the United Kingdom, Lee Jeffries lives in Manchester and constantly travels to major Western cities to meet people living in the streets whose nobility he wishes to capture. Formerly an accountant, it was during a marathon he undertook in London that he crossed paths with a young woman snuggled in her sleeping bag near Leicester Square. His perception of homeless people was radically transformed and Lee Jeffries couldn’t resist photographing her. This wonderful encounter marked the start of his artistic and social approach: the homeless became his sole subjects. This humanist photographer explains that each image is the result of long discussions with each individual, a privileged moment that allows him to establish a connection that is particularly palpable in their gaze. “ The emotion is in the eyes ,” explains Lee Jeffries, whose majestic black-and-white portraits enable him to collect funds to assist and bear witness to the difficult living conditions of these isolated individuals, forgotten and worn down by a life of suffering.  ... Mehr sehen Weniger sehen

" I feel their loneliness, despair and pain. More often than not, and whilst it may sound pretentious, I will find myself in tears for them. My images represent my final goodbye to a relationship built on authenticity"


Wie ist Ihre Leidenschaft für die Fotografie entstanden? „Ich bin romantisch. Ich habe mein gesamtes Leben als Erwachsener damit verbracht etwas zu suchen. Im Alter von 20 bis 30 hatte ich keine Ahnung was diese Sache sein könnte. Erst in meinen ...

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