Laurent Baheux

Crawl or Fly

Sobre esta fotografía

This photograph comes from the very poetic black and white series that Laurent Baheux devoted entirely to the endangered species of the animal kingdom. The widely diverse African fauna is showcased here by a surprising play of light and shade. By capturing these animals at their own level, in a place that is almost entirely devoted to them, the artist imbues his subjects with real presence and reveals all of their nobility.Beyond a personal and initiatory approach, the photographer proves himself to be a dedicated artistic and environmental activist. Sensitive to and admirative of the beauty and power of the animals he pays hommage to, Laurent Baheux also expresses their innocence and great vulnerabilty, thus composing a visual paradox. The photographer would like to impress upon our gaze the dignity of these animals who continue to reign supreme on the African continent but whose survival is now threatened: ?Everywhere that humankind progresses, nature regresses.?

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El artista
Laurent Baheux

Laurent Baheux se sentía atraído por el periodismo y la edición en un principio, pero rápidamente descubrió su pasión por la fotografía. En 2002, durante un viaje a Tanzania, se independizó como fotógrafo de fauna salvaje, su belleza, fortaleza, aspereza y gran fragilidad. Se decantó por el blanco y negro, y su juego de sombras, para inmortalizar escenas curiosas y efímeras de la naturaleza, en una constante sublimación de los animales, con el fin de capturar el esplendor de sus actitudes, la emoción de sus miradas...

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