Zsabo Zsolt Andras is a Romanian amateur photographer. A dentist by trade, it is his passion for nature and the mountains that led to his interest in photography. Self-taught, he learned late in life by watching others and practising frequently. For him, photography is all about emotions: “ It is not among my main goals to show the beauty of nature, ” he explains “ but my impressions about it. ” This is also why he does not wish to photograph famous or spectacular places: “ I try to emphasise the creative element in landscape photography ,” he continues, “ as I believe that the greatest value in a photograph lies in the author's approach – the way it was photographed, not the subject itself. ” While he cites among his influences American photographer Marc Adamus, famous for his very masterful images, he also cites Tolkien. A reference that is less surprising than may at first appear, since his photos certainly reflect the style of the author of the Lord of the Rings ! They also reflect his creativity: “ photography is all about the way of transmitting a vision, an impression, and not about the strict reality   .”  ... See more See less